Sanctuary Model

Sunny Glen over the past 80 years has provided exceptional care for the youth that have been entrusted to us.  The way we have provided this care has changed tremendously since the beginning.  In 2002, we decided to update our campus with new buildings to provide a safer and more stable home for the youth.  However, it’s not only the structures that make the difference but the programing and staff. Due to the changing needs of our youth in 2012, Sunny Glen decided to embark upon some programmatic changes to better meet these needs of the youth coming into care.  We choose the Sanctuary Model ® to help us address the trauma our youth face and to point them into the direction of healing.

Sanctuary ® is not only for the youth in care but for our whole organization.  It addresses our interactions as staff and gives us some guiding principles to follow for our day to day operations, they are called the seven commitments:

  1. Commitment to Nonviolence
  2. Commitment to Emotional Intelligence
  3. Commitment to Social Responsibility
  4. Commitment to Open Communication
  5. Commitment to Social Learning
  6. Commitment to Democracy
  7. Commitment to Growth and Change

Using these principles we hope our staff and youth see Sunny Glen as a “A Safe Place” a “Sanctuary” that promotes healing and growth for families and children.  This program gives us the tools that teach children how to cope with their past and plan for their future.

Sunny Glen is in the process of becoming certified as a Sanctuary site and plan on being fully accredited by mid-year 2017.